Peip Concept

Chesterton products

"Pump Efficiency Improvement Program" is the improvement concept applied to any of the actual rotative equipment's.

OKOBIO, specialized in vacuum pumps reparations, apply this concept to improve the equipment's that is working out of the initial design conditions.

The change of this initial conditions, can be produced because of damages (hours of working) or because of production significant increases.

OKOBIO has a testing bench in the workshop to make these measurements. We can also do that in your plant. Do not forget that the energy consumption of the vacuum pump equipment's motors means the 70% of the paper machine energy consumption.

The coatings application in the inside of the vacuum equipmen's can save up to 20% energetic costs, because of the liquid ring lower friction with the coating.

The sealing devices application, different to the traditional mechanical packing, means, quantifiable energetic saving and avoid the feared leakages forwards the bearings.

This concept can be applied also to the equipment's spare parts (stopped) or to the stored equipment's (waiting their use). The immediate availability is complicated when the storing has been incorrect or the duplicate equipment is not protected. The coatings application with coating protector product, guarantee us the immediate use of the equipment that we need to operate.