Vacuum systems retrofitting


OKOBIO is a company specialized in service and sealing devices for the general industry.

Of all the auxiliary circuits in a paper machine, one stands out for its importance: the VACUUM CIRCUIT.

OKOBIO is able to do general study on the performance of vacuum pump installed, condensation of the inlet fluid, the pump speed, the dimensions of the pipes and the mechanical state of the equipment’s, that will allow us to:

  • Reduce wear on paper as we improve its quality.
  • Increase life of felts as we manage to keep them in better condition.
  • Reduce power consumption thanks to use of the exact vacuum level.
  • Lower steam consumption as we decrease the humidity at the entrance of the drying section.

Therefore, the Retrofitting or upgrading of vacuum systems gives us a higher quality product at a lower cost. We must not forget that the mechanical drying costs represent a fifth of drying with steam.