Equipment repair


Our staff is specialized and can repair all kind of liquid ring vacuum pumps.

Our repairs have an added value, due to our great knowledge in vacuum pumps, thanks to our wide experience and our technical resources.

An initial and final performance test is done in the bench test to check the gains obtained after repair.

Spare parts, coatings/cladding

We have the necessary spare parts for an optimal service. Cones, housings, heads and rotors are available in cast iron and stainless steel.

Cladding (SS316/SS304) will allow us to transform a cast iron pump and protect it against corrosion/abrasion. Life of the pump will be dramatically extended, as well as the MTBF.

The use of ceramic base CHESTERTON ARC products as coating will help us to recover used parts or protect the whole pump against corrosion/abrasion.


After deciding which parts are going to be replaced and after machining them, starts the final assembly, taking into account the tolerances specified by the manufacturer and ensuring a final performance higher than 92%.